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A new Head to the Department of Mass Communication

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Senior Lecturer Aruna Lokuliyana assumed duties as the new Head of the Department of Mass Communication, University of Kelaniya on the 4th of September 2017. He obtained his B.A. (Special) degree in Mass Communication in 1998 and M.Phil. in Mass Communication from the University of Kelaniya in 1998. Currently, Mr. Aruna Lokuliyana works as a Senior Lecturer in Film and Television Media at the Department of Mass communication, University of Kelaniya and also reading his PhD.

“Aeshwara Winsathiya” (The Black Era) is his first Tele film that wins the OCIC, UNDA Awards. “Ranthali” (Golden Pot), “Diwul Gahe Kola Sulange Wisira Yathi”, “Mindada Gangawa”(The River of Love) “Chitranganilage Kathawa” “Udana Wewa Hadu Minissunge Kathawa” are among the semi documentary Films and documentary films directed by him.

Meanwhile he directed the short film “We Love Football” under the theme of “Football and Culture” organized by the Berlin Talent campus in parallel to the Berlin International Film Festival. This above mentioned short film was selected among best 50’s out of 623 short films which have been represented by 90 countries in the world. Then it was selected for the best 25 films to the promotional campaigns of FIFA World cup-2006 in Berlin by the World Football Federation. It was entitled as the “Film of the Day” under short films category in the 55th Berlin International Film Festival with a huge appreciation of commentators and spectators.

He has been working as a member of Panel of judges in Prominent Film and television award Ceremonies in Sri Lanka such as National Television Awards organized by Cultural Ministry in Sri Lanka, UNDA Awards for Film and Television held by OCIC Sri Lanka, National Youth Television Awards held by National Youth Service Council in Sri Lanka.

He is the co – author of “ Kalana Asapuwa” poetry book Published in 1998 “Shanthikarma Sannivedanaya” (Communication via white Magic) the work based on “White magic Communication, Published in 2001 and the book titled “Aeshwara Winsathiya” (The Black Era). He is well known as a book cover designer, graphic designer and poet contributing to the academic development.

The Duty Assumption ceremony was attended by Prof. A.H.M.H. Abayrathna, the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Prof. Mapa Thilakarathne, the Former Head of the Department of Mass Communication, Senior Prof. Chandrasiri Rajapaksha, Prof. Rohana Luxman Piyadasa, the Director of the Communication & Media Unit, Prof. Ariyarathne Athugala and other academic and non-academic staff members of the Department of Mass Communication.

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